2 in 1 tempered Glass+PET paper like screen protector

Short Description:

This products is KEJA’S patent inovation for iPad, Table/tab protection. It is composed of two layers. One is glass and the other is PET. PET is for paper like writing and less pen-top wearing. Glass layer for impact resistance and stronger protection.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Compared with the previous glass sandblasting paper like film, it has a weaker sense of sand, does not grind the pen tip, does not drop sand, and has a longer use life.

2. Tempered glass has high protection, strong hardness and impact resistance, shatterproof which can effectively protect your device.

3. The new technology of tempered glass + pet matte paper like combination, which has the advantage of tempered glass and the writing feeling of PET paper like, and high production capacity.

4. Ultra-high wear-resistance times and optical characteristics of resistance to HAZE;

5. It can be repaired without residual glue

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