3D Apple Watch Curved Screen Protector

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Applied for Apple Watch Series, 3D Curved Edge Anti-Scratch Bubble Free HD Ultra Shatterproof Flexible Protector Film

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Process 3D hot bending
Material 0.33 high Aluminum glass or clear PET
AB Glue Japan/Korea origin,fast degassing
AF Coating plating
Total Thickness  1.01mm (glass), 0.80PET)
Transparency 98%
Hardness 9H
Drop Angle 105(after testing) -115degreebefore testing
Ball Drop Test 175g solid steel ball, 1 meter height
Quality Option Average verion,  Xxstronger version
Package: 1 unit into 1 Dual layer EPE+CPE bag
OEM : Size, gift box


Completely covers apple watch screen from edge to edge, very durable and not easily displaced .Perfect performance with oleophobic coating on protecting your Apple Watch from unwanted dust, dirt, fingerprint, scratches , bumps and damages and keep your watch screen always as good as new. This screen protector uses the latest material polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA, a replacement material for glass) to protect the screen of the watch, much stronger.

1. Perfect Matching---Precise mold tooling based on real device

2. High senstive touch control---Full glue to surface of screen gives.

3. High Transparency---99.99% HD Clarity provides an original user experience. Premium screen with high transparency keeps the original color and brightness  

4. Anti-fingerprint---0.2 mm Ultra-thin special coating ensures touch accurate. Perfect touch and swipe precision capabilities allow you to use your watch effectively. round edge prevent finger scratch and smooth operation.

5. Bubble-free Installation---Super fast degassing, Coming with installation tools set. Easy application with a strong and secure adhesive

6. Anti-Scratch & Shatter Proof--- Sufficient- time tempered glass offer maximum protection for smart watch, anti explosion and safe application.

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