How can we simply distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the tempered glass screen protector?

At present, there are many types of tempered glass screen protector products on the market, and mobile phone users are easily dazzled when shopping. How can we simply distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass screen protector?

1. Dripping water. The surface of a high-quality tempered glass screen protector is like a lotus leaf with excellent water retention. Dropping water droplets on it can condense and roll freely without leaving any traces. If it is a relatively poor tempered glass screen protector product, it does not have this water-gathering performance.

2. Anti-scratch. The high-quality tempered glass screen protector has good scratch resistance, and it will not leave any traces on it directly with a sharp knife such as a knife. If the film surface is easy to have traces, then we can deny the product. The surface of high-quality products is very resistant to scratches.

3. Explosion-proof. We all know that the inferior tempered glass screen protector can easily cause harm to people once it is broken. If it is a high-quality tempered glass screen protector, due to its good explosion-proof properties, even after it is broken, there will be no safety hazards, but there will be a little cracking pattern. If you want to identify it, you can also bend it.

4.the operation is simple. It is very easy to use the tempered glass screen protector to stick the phone, it is different from the ordinary mobile phone protector, even if it is the first time to operate, it can be handy. As long as you directly follow the order and post it correctly, it is easy to stick the tempered glass protector of the hand machine completely without leaving any bubbles or gaps.

5. high quality tempered glass protector feel very good when touched, bad quanlity are very rough. The fundamental reason is the difference in manufacturing and materials. 

Post time: Jun-03-2021