iPhone 13 real machine models exposure:a big change in appearance iPhone 13

Recently, foreign media exposed the real shots of the latest iPhone 13 real machine models, and many changes can be seen from the pictures.

First of all, the bangs of the iPhone 13 could be much smaller. Due to the use of the new face ID sensor, the size of the module is reduced, and the width of the bangs is finally reduced. However, judging from the photos of the real model, it is not as small as the previous exposure. , The width of the bangs from 5.3mm to 5.35mm, and the length was reduced from 34.83mm to 26.8mm.

And due to the use of the latest technology, the infrared camera on the left side of the iPhone 13 speaker and light shooting illuminator will move to the middle of the bangs.

Before that, photos of the front glass panel of the iPhone 13 appeared on the Internet, and the handset has been moved to the top instead of being in the middle.

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The annual WWDC has become an important systems conference for Apple to update such as iOS and OS. The WWDC in 2021 has been scheduled and will be officially held on June 7-11 this year.

Foreign media have reported that Apple may bring new hardware products at this developer conference. This may be Apple’s latest AR glasses and helmets. The new prototype weighs 200-300 grams, and some are too heavy. But the product is still iterating, and the final product may be maintained at more than 100 grams, which will be much lighter than many existing VR equipment.

However, in terms of price, it may exceed $1,000.

The new product will be "portable", with independent computing power and storage space, but will not be truly "mobile" like the iPhone.

Are you looking forward to Apple's WWDC in June?

Post time: May-09-2021