Iphone13, full series of size screen protector launched.

Due to Keja’s power in data sourcing and product development, Kejas’ initial shipment of screen protector for iPhone13 to all customers got 100% matching real iPhone13. Congratulation!
We have confidence in our data for iPhone13, so we make full preparation for huge-quantity order from our customer who has buy initial screen protector of iPhone13, and reserved a lot of material and production capacity. At this moment, we can make delivery of 100,000 pieces iPhone13 screen protecto per day.
Now, all kinds of TG screen protector for iPhone13 , inlcuding iPhone13 mini, iPhone13, iPhone pro, iPhone13 pro max all are available.
iPhone13, 5.4 inch, 6.1 inch,6.7 inch.
iPhone13 anti blue light tempered glass screen protector.,
iPhone13 anti glare tempered glass screen protector.,
iPhone13 privacy tempered glass screen protector.
iPhone13 antibacteria TG screen protector.
iPhone 13 2 times of TG screen protector.


Post time: Sep-27-2021