iPhone14 Screen Protector , 100% Data Warranty,

A lot of screen protectors have worked on iPhone14 series screen protector from March 2020. From March to now, almost all of them change data a few times. However, 2022’s iPhone14pro and iPhone14 pro max, these 2 models have big different desing in faceID area. It brought huge confusion to screen protector manufactures. Its said in June, some world class screen protector brands have placed order of a few million pieces. However, just end of middle June, the last correct data got confirmed. At the same time, those in correct screen protectors almost have been shipped to U.S.A. That means this will bring huge loss.

Keja has reliable chanel and source to collect data of new mobilphone including iPhone14. From beginning to now we always adopt only one data for sample making and order mass production. That means our customers will not pay extra cost of time and product to re-produce orders, they can catch the firs stage iPhone buyers and sell screen protector to them with perfect matching.

At this moment, the quantity of iPhone14 screen protector we have completed and are producing exceed 1.5millions. welcome buy iPhone14 screen protector from Keja. We 100% make warranty for data.

This is just Keja’s advantages.


Post time: Jul-22-2022